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Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a night!

Wow, what a night we had.  Last night after we closed Seek, mom and I drove out to Medinah, IL to pick up the foster Griffs.  When we got there, I was definitely overwhelmed with so many Griffs in one place!  There was Hoochie, who is Lori's griff (Lori is the lovely lady that flew to Oklahoma to pick up the fosters from Crystal.  Crystal is the amazing lady who rescues the Griffs from the puppy mills), and Oliver, Lori's Yorkie.  Then there was Benz and Rebel, the fosters.  Benz was a little out of it from all the travel, but Rebel was just as happy as could be.  I didn't like being a house I didn't know, and I didn't like that my mom was giving attention to other Griffs, so unfortunately I was not overally nice.  Needless to say, once we were back home in our own house, I was SO excited, I could barely contain myself.  Mom was calling me a "show-off" in front of the fosters.  Did you see my video?  Mister, my roommate had too much of me at one point and tried to calm me down.  It didn't work so well, because all we did was play.  I wanted to play with Rebel and Benz, but they seemed more interested in sitting back and taking everything in.  We all slept in mom's bed, which I wasn't too happy about, but after a while I just passed out.  This morning Benz got picked up by his foster mom, Natalie.  We gave him his new bed and he looked pretty happy in it!  Later on today, we are dropping Rebel off at his foster mom's.  Then, thank god, I will have mom all to myself again!!!!!

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