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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Thank god it's Saturday!  Benz (Natalie's foster) has been staying with us because Natalie is out of town.  He went to Seek with us today, and I think he liked it.  He slept with me most of the day while mom worked.  Of course he slept on a Mr. Pickles bed!  He loves the Mr. Pickles beds!  He's cute isn't he?  Who wouldn't want to adopt this little lovebug?  He even puts up with my nonsense, and in case you didn't know, I'm quite the handful. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just another Tuesday

I have a quick update on the fosters in case you were curious.  Benz has settled in really well with his foster mom Natalie and Rebel has been doing great with his foster mom Nikki.  There is actually a lady who is interested in Rebel, so she going to meet with him on Thursday.  If all goes, Rebel will be in his forever home before he knows it!  Benz's foster mom and my mom want to spend some more time Benz to make sure he gets the perfect forever home.  Also, one of the Griffs from the rescue just had some puppies, so we might be getting some more fosters soon, so stay tuned.  If  you are interested in fostering or adopting any of these guys, please contact my mom directly at or 646.72.8223.

On to other happenings...MPD is getting some sample dog beds ready to take to a few pet stores in the nearby area who might be interested in carrying some beds in their store.  I think they'd be crazy not to especially because they are so unique and comfortable.  Also, mom has been working on some of her screen printing with the help of her Seek business partner and one of my favorite guys, Chris Hunt.  Today she made a Griffy pillow.  Griffy pillows are going to be available for purchase through Mr. Pickles Designs very soon!

There is beef stew in the crockpot and Benz and his foster mom are coming over for dinner tonight.  I think Benz's foster mom is going to help mom with some Mr. Pickles stuff.  I'll update soon!

xoxo Ollie

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a night!

Wow, what a night we had.  Last night after we closed Seek, mom and I drove out to Medinah, IL to pick up the foster Griffs.  When we got there, I was definitely overwhelmed with so many Griffs in one place!  There was Hoochie, who is Lori's griff (Lori is the lovely lady that flew to Oklahoma to pick up the fosters from Crystal.  Crystal is the amazing lady who rescues the Griffs from the puppy mills), and Oliver, Lori's Yorkie.  Then there was Benz and Rebel, the fosters.  Benz was a little out of it from all the travel, but Rebel was just as happy as could be.  I didn't like being a house I didn't know, and I didn't like that my mom was giving attention to other Griffs, so unfortunately I was not overally nice.  Needless to say, once we were back home in our own house, I was SO excited, I could barely contain myself.  Mom was calling me a "show-off" in front of the fosters.  Did you see my video?  Mister, my roommate had too much of me at one point and tried to calm me down.  It didn't work so well, because all we did was play.  I wanted to play with Rebel and Benz, but they seemed more interested in sitting back and taking everything in.  We all slept in mom's bed, which I wasn't too happy about, but after a while I just passed out.  This morning Benz got picked up by his foster mom, Natalie.  We gave him his new bed and he looked pretty happy in it!  Later on today, we are dropping Rebel off at his foster mom's.  Then, thank god, I will have mom all to myself again!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beds for the Fosters

So mom made two Mr. Pickles Beds today for the foster Griffs we are picking up tonight from Oklahoma!  She made one for Benz, who is a black and tan griff(the one on the left in the first dog picture) and one for Rebel who is a blonde griff (the one on the left in the second dog picture) like me.  Of course I had to try them out first to make sure the boys would like them and let me tell you - they sure are comfy!  My mom sure knows how to make a great dog bed!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who I really am

So for those of you that don't know me, let me introduce myself; I am Mr. Oliver Pickles, aka Ollie.  I'm a 3 1/2 year old Brussels Griffon who lives with my mom, Audra in Chicago, IL.  Overall, I'm a pretty good boy, but because I came from a backyard "breeder", I'm still pretty timid around strangers.  I don't particularly like being outside and big open spaces tend to freak me out.  I'm much happier and relaxed indoors and under things.  I do love to go for rides in the car and stick my head out the window!  I love the wind in my face.  I also love getting a bath and running around like crazy after.  I'm a sucker for anything cheese.  I can hear the drawer in the fridge open for cheese 5 rooms away.  I think it drives my mom crazy, but there's just something about cheese and me.  As my mom would say, I'm a true "velcro" griff, which means I like to be with my mom all the time.  Wherever she goes, I go.  It's that simple really.  If she goes to the kitchen to get a drink, I go with her.  If she takes a shower, I have to be in the bathroom with her.  If she goes to the store, I wait in the window for her.  Yeah, my mom is my best friend and she's pretty cool too.  She always showers me with hugs and kisses and buys the best dog treats.  She lets me sleep in bed with her and lets me lay on the couch with her too.  One day she thought it would be fun to make me my own bed.  Little did she know, Mr Pickles Designs was just beginning...

Mr Pickles is hard at work!

Well needless to say, MPD has a lot going on at the moment.  So much so, that MPD decided it was time to start a blog to document all the progress!  Talk about excitement!  Audra and I can hardly contain overselves, but then again that's part of the excitement of starting an empire.